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Hi! Welcome to my website, or in some cases welcome back! Glad you’re visiting.

In this picture, you’ll find me with my now two-year-old Camaro. But it still looks new and I still get the ‘once over’. (The car that is, me – not so much). One day I was parked next to an older Mercedes convertible. Its owner came out of the store about the same time as I and we walked to our respective cars. He smiled and gave me the ‘thumbs-up’ sign. This from a Mercedes owner. I was so proud.

The color is a vibrant red as you can see, and she has been named Ruby. She loves to take me on the country roads with the top down, and I have to keep an eye on the speedometer or I might get carried away.

I’m sure you didn’t visit this website to hear about a car, so I’ll get on with it.

I’ve always been a reader, even when I was a child. Back then, in the dark ages, children actually played outside and got dirty, with scraped knees and elbows from falling off bicycles and crashing into others while on roller skates. I did my share of that, but I also remember times on summer vacation from school, lying with a book in a hammock that sat under a dogwood tree in my parent’s back yard. I’d spend hours there.

Back then, it was Nancy Drew mysteries, a youngster’s peek into a genre that would carry into adulthood and still consumes my attention today. Today I mainly write murder mysteries. Yes, I’ve written feel good short stories that have been published, but my first inclination is to create that character who is doomed to be a villain, or sometimes, a victim.

My short stories are written under my full name of Judy Weber; my Angela Rossi mystery series is written under J.H. Weber; and I co-author another mystery series with Marie Vernon, using the author name Amber Adams. You’ll find some information about all of these tales on the following pages.

Please feel free to visit me often. If I’m not right here, I can be found tooling around in a red convertible.